We always look forward

In addition to being professional, Ecopiakos uses the most innovative technological resources: all in respect of the environment, using eco-compatible products. We carry out consultancy, interventions and monitoring planning, with inspections regarding rodent control services, disinfestation from crawling and flying insects, we also perform analyzes on the air quality caused by molds, working with individuals and companies. Our working method is based on: inspection, identification of pests, possible solutions and their control over time. As part of the production chains of handling, preparation and type administration foods (bars, restaurants, these are required to activate prevention systems by implementing a self-control plan according to the HACCP system: this is based on continuous monitoring, in order to prevent , eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level all pest risks. It is clear that their presence in food production / storage places must be prevented because they can compromise the quality and healthiness of food products. Everything is signed through a specific contract with pest control companies certified according to legislation.

We are engaged in a double project

Solid Foundations

Competence, ethical values, culture and tradition… all this contributes to defining our company Ecopiakos.We are the sum of the memory of the past, with values and teachings that project us into becoming a reality of great depth in the Pest Control panorama. The etymology of the word itself clearly refers to the respect and priority of the Great Ecological Cause that we have embraced, and to the non-profit support of various Ecclesiastical Bodies and Catholic Brotherhoods