Spiders are a very common presence in most homes ... who has never happened to find a spider in the house that wanders undisturbed in the darkest and most unsuspected rooms and corners? This animal, belonging to the arachnid family, if taken individually is quite harmless and bites only if really threatened, however if it is not removed in time it causes discomfort and its presence becomes synonymous with poor cleaning and neglect.


Spiders generally feed on insects that they capture and immobilize using the web, which is also used to form cocoons to protect the eggs. Some species live exclusively in the open, others can sneak into neighboring houses and rooms. Most spiders are harmless: they have venom glands, but the venom is mainly used to immobilize their small prey. Towards humans, spiders are usually not aggressive, but sometimes they can bite as a defense, only in some cases causing localized pain, redness and swelling. In Italy, only a few species of spiders can cause more serious symptoms, such as the Malmignatta or black widow (which lives outdoors, in environments with stones and shrubs) or the Violin spider, so called due to a characteristic violin-shaped spot on the side. front of the body. The sting of Lycosa tarentula, a large outdoor spider, can be painful but generally with localized effects.

Damage caused by spiders

Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is one of the most common phenomena in humans. For many people, in fact, it is enough to see a small spider in the house to take what is strictly necessary and escape to the other side of the world. The bravest among the arachnophobics, on the other hand, try in every way to kill the spiders they find in the house, but this is a behavior to avoid. The spiders that we can generally find in the house, in fact, are rather discreet, non-aggressive and not dangerous for humans. They usually weave their webs to capture all kinds of prey, including insects harmful to humans, primarily mosquitoes. The folcids, for example, are very afraid of man and do not constitute a threat: killing them not only serves no purpose, but takes away the possibility of having a precious predator of much more annoying or dangerous animals from our homes. house has been infested with spiders, DIY could be useless if not counterproductive. In fact, if the spider feels threatened, it can bite and injure both people and animals directly with consequences that can often become serious. Here, then, that relying on a company specialized in the disinfestation of spiders can be the ideal solution. Thanks to a careful inspection, it will be possible to carry out the right treatment not only perfect for the type of environment, but also for the type of spider to be disinfected.