Ecological Disinfestation

Ecological pest control means a procedure for eliminating or removing different types of insects, parasites or even mice from our homes, public activities or outdoor areas, through the use of natural methods as effective as pesticides and pesticides, but absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. Ecological disinfestation therefore allows to eliminate the problem, whatever it may be, without polluting or disturbing the ecosystem with the use of harmful and polluting chemical agents, resulting, at the same time, safe for man who will then have to live in that 'environment. The peculiarity of our work is based on the identification of the TRIGGERING CAUSE and the consequent destruction of the eggs (ovary). So we always propose JOINT ACTIONS AND TECHNIQUES and not just one way. Ecological pest control is therefore a certainly virtuous choice that requires careful knowledge of non-traditional pest control methods and above all an in-depth knowledge of the various types of insects or parasites to understand which are the most effective methods to use, avoiding any type of relapse.

Examples of interventions

Pest control aims to eliminate any type of insect or parasite that infests the environments in which we live, work or spend our free time. Of
course, every insect or parasite has its own biology and behavior, so every disinfestation intervention must be targeted and specific.