Cleaning Services

Ecopiakos boasts many years of experience in Cleaning services in corporate, domestic, hospital, hotels, restaurants, B & Bs and also deals with post-renovation and first entry cleaning.Ecopiakos is the ideal partner because it guarantees the activation of procedures and protocols intervention, qualified personnel, use of specialized machinery and rapid management of emergencies.Our services are: - Sanitation of environments according to the laws in force - Civil and industrial cleaning with specific machinery - Specialized cleaning of hotel rooms, B & Bs, holiday homes, apartments, with the support of skilled workers.

Projected towards innovation

Our strategy

Ecopiakos places at the center of its strategy the continuous search for safe and sustainable solutions, innovation, prompt response to customer needs. Ecopiakos guarantees high quality services, always aimed at improving the well-being in the company and the level of efficiency of the interventions.

Why choose Ecopiakos?

Ecopiakos services are a point of reference in the civil and industrial cleaning sector because: it diversifies cleaning interventions after a professional evaluation of the work environments it offers free, targeted and tailor-made estimates uses only eco-sustainable and zero-impact products the quality of services is ISO certified