"Hot thermal" disinfestation for bedbugs and woodworms

This type of disinfestation aimed at the treatment of bugs and woodworms on wooden artifacts, is based on the action of bringing the rooms to a certain temperature through the use of particular thermal stoves powered by diesel and electricity. This system is a completely ecological method disinfestation: no emission into the atmosphere, non-toxic towards people and food, applicable in inhabited contexts, without any authorization or restriction, with wide versatility of use, with immediate disposal of the treated rooms; to underline the possibility of customized solutions. The new heat treatment represents a real innovation to combat the problem of the most insidious infestations, especially in the case of bed bugs. The use of heat for pest control has indeed increased rapidly. Temperatures of about 56-60 ° C maintained for a period of more than 30 minutes, have lethal effects on most insects and arachnids, in all stages of reproduction, without causing environmental damage. The treatment is carried out quickly by one of our specialized technicians and is based on the use of the heat produced by a special electrical device, capable of heating the different infested areas.

Disinfestation With High Temperatures

A new, natural, quick, non-toxic, decisive way to eliminate pests from pasta factories, bakeries, mills, rice mills, confectionary industries. Food producers are increasingly searching for valid and safe alternatives to toxic gases used as pesticides.Food insects find their ideal habitat in an environment where relative humidity together with fluctuating temperatures from 18 ° C to 35 ° C they enhance its proliferation, dangerously infesting environments, machinery, products, raw materials.At even higher temperatures, insects begin to have difficulty in reproducing and become much more vulnerable due to changes (lipid and protein) that undergo for high temperatures: 36 ° C-42 ° C. By raising the temperature again and stabilizing at 47 ° C-52 ° C for a certain number of hours, a dehydration process is created which eliminates insects at various levels of their biological life: eggs, larvae, adult.Each machine that produces heat develops 90,000 k / cal, is fueled by diesel fuel, expels combustion fumes outside: no odor, no r ischio, maximum diffusion of thermal energy in a uniform way, thanks to the directional flexible tube (500 mm diameter) for the emission of Hot Air. Before each intervention, an accurate technical inspection is able to calculate the thermal energy required to carry out a "hot" disinfestation: natural, effective, safe..