Our interlocutors

We address all public and private structures such as municipal and hospital bodies, offices, warehouses, commercial craft businesses, banks, schools and other environments in general.

Eco - compatible services

We are pest control professionals. We operate in respect of the environment with eco-friendly products. Our working method is based on inspection, identification, pests and possible solutions with their control over time. We carry out consultancy, interventions and monitoring planning with inspections regarding rodent control services, disinfestation from crawling and flying insects. We also follow analyzes on the quality of air caused by molds. Our customers are individuals and companies. We carry out company monitoring contracts in the food production chain of handling, preparation and administration, storage or transport of food Type: restaurants, bars, FAST Food ..... These are legal obligations according to (CE 852/2004, UNI 11381/2010) also provided for by the HACCP plan.

Around 1,000 tons of hazardous medical waste are produced every day in Italy. This is why it becomes increasingly important to rely on "insiders" such as the members of our company Ecopiakos who know how to recognize and manage the various types of waste. The issue of management and disposal of medical waste in Italy has been regulated by Presidential Decree 254 / 03 in order to protect the environment, public health and carry out effective controls.To achieve this goal, the legislation has also provided for training courses for all personnel involved in the management of waste from healthcare facilities public and private, including hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, blood banks, rehabilitation units, veterinary clinics, medical offices, etc. The operator of our company is one of these trained figures, as he is personally responsible waste bags. All waste contaminated with biological liquids such as blood and various secretions is included in the infectious risk waste those that come from environments and patients in infectious isolation.Example of infected waste: gauze, gloves, cannulas, drains, catheters, drips, masks Other waste is that contaminated with infected feces and urine, such as diapers. In addition, this waste also includes sharp objects such as needles, blades and syringes. Infected hazardous medical waste must be disposed of in special rigid containers (halipacks) inside which a bag has been inserted well hooked to the edge of the container. It is important to underline the obligation to dispose of them with traceability: we make use of a Register of waste loading and unloading Model A producer / holder endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce. Since failure to apply these standards involves heavy penalties, we recommend our Services that offer modular subscription packages.